Wheels in Motion

Pedal Project was founded in 2020 off the back of the realisation that children in townships have been severely impacted by the widespread effect of COVID-19, in addition to historical socio-economic factors that have severely affected their mental and emotional health. 

Lack of safe spaces, exposure to new experiences and little access to nature are some of the issues our youth face on an ongoing basis. Through a combination of intellectually and creatively challenging activities, mountain biking and the guidance of caring mentors, Pedal Project equips youth between 10-13 years old with the mental health support to help them overcome some of these challenges. 

Pedal Project Founder Jaco van der Linde has always had a ‘thing’ for cycling – from the moment he put his foot on the pedal of his first Haro mountain bike in the ‘90s. Jaco has vivid memories of his cycling adventures as a child. From those experiences, he knows firsthand how cycling can enrich lives and empower young people. This is what inspired him to found Pedal Project.

Cycling represents everything!  It improves physical health, builds friendships, fosters a spirit of adventure, freedom, builds technical skills, provides jobs and more. Mountain biking in particular gave me a sense of community, access to nature and the ability to explore new territories and landscapes. I wanted to share this incredible gift with those who need it most.”

Spreading the Stoke

Pedal Project is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) that brings together the physically challenging activity of mountain biking, with caring mentors and therapeutic support tools. We do this to uplift and help young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds with their socio-emotional development.

Pedal Project’s research-based methodologies and data-driven interventions aim to deliver a solid, meaningful impact. Our holistic programme was based on and co-created by Wave Alliance, which are lauded as one of the best ‘ Sport for Good’ industry programmes globally. Like Wave Alliance, we blend the power of sport, mindfulness and nature to bring positive change to our beneficiaries.

We’re on a mission to take the STOKE of mountain biking to communities that have never experienced the joy of riding a bike and being surrounded by nature.



used to describe something that is really cool or amazing, taken from the term stoked which means looking forward to


Inspiring a new generation of kids through the power of bikes


Pedal Project aims to develop and support at-risk and previously disadvantaged young people through mountain biking. This physical activity in the natural environment, paired with mental and emotional development opportunities, will encourage the formation of positive values and healthy habits and create resilient young people both on and off the bike.


# of Sessions  X # of Riders X GEES Rating* =


*GEES Rating is the average score given by the kids after each session to quantify how much fun it was for them.


Want to keep the pedals turning and share the stoke?

As both a nonprofit (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO), Pedal Project relies on you, the public, to champion our cause.

These are the ways that you can get involved: