What we do

Pedalling for Good

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Pedal Project has in common with both Tata Madiba and Martin Luther King Junior is the belief that sport has the power to inspire, unite and change communities. 

We’re not trying to tackle every daily issue faced by the youth of South Africa but to understand that the more positivity we can expose them to and immerse them in, the better chance they have to break cycles of poverty, addiction and abuse. 

So, we PEDALFORGOOD, to nurture positivity, to foster inclusion and to open up young minds to the possibilities that lie beyond (or hidden within) their immediate environments. 

If we can bring about a positive change to the life of one child we believe our programme is a success because we know that positive children grow up to be adults that have the power to change the world.

Nic's Story

Nic Dlamini is one of our founding members and a true ‘poster boy’ for the benefits of programmes such as Pedal Project. A 12-year old Nic was encouraged to join a small cycling club by a friend. Soon after this, cycling was all he wanted to do. He began to understand the freedom and mobility it gave him, physically emotionally and financially. 

Nic has gone on from his humble beginnings in Capricorn Park, near Muizenberg, Cape Town, to winning several prestigious cycling races. He was selected to participate in the 2021 Tour De France, Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 ABSA Cape Epic.

Those who have watched Nic’s career credit his success to his ‘stubborn determination to succeed’. Though he does not deny that he is both stubborn and determined, Nic himself credits much of his success to having the right mentors and having been encouraged to work hard and do well at school. 

Despite his success, Nic remains humble to the core. We are truly fortunate to have him as a part of our team and to be a mentor to our beneficiaries.


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein

Pedal Project runs a 40-week #trailtherapy programme with pre-selected beneficiaries from across the Western Cape. Each programme starts with introducing participants to the basics of mountain biking, trails and safety, and, as the weeks progress so does the difficulty, level of physical training, technical climbs and descents. 

We are in the process of developing a follow-up programme for beneficiaries who show potential in the area of mountain biking, to assist them in pursuing a career –  from novice to professional cycling, to entrepreneurship to technical training and more – through our mentorship networks. 

Mountains and Mentorship

Mountain biking in a natural environment creates the perfect platform for our coaches to engage meaningfully with our beneficiaries. This allows the beneficiaries to share their stories in a safe and open environment, and in turn for Pedal Project’s Caring Coaches to mentor them and provide support in a non-traditional way.

Regardless of whether the beneficiaries are feeling down because of an altercation with a friend, or much larger problems associated with depression, adverse home conditions or abuse, our Caring Coaches are equipped to provide the necessary support and equip them with tools to help them climb ‘their mountains’. 

In some instances when talking openly is just not enough, mountain biking brings with it many mental and emotional benefits. These are an improved mood, more focussed concentration, self-confidence and the release of endorphins that relieve pain and stress. 

Soul Food

Pedal Project has designed a meal programme for our beneficiaries – because no child can learn or exercise on an empty stomach. We hope to expand this initiative into ancillary programmes that will allow beneficiaries to learn about developing healthy lifestyles and eating habits, as well as self care.


Securing MTB and nature trails for future generations

Pedal Project provides more than just physical exercise, we use every opportunity to immerse our beneficiaries in their surroundings, teaching them about the abundance of flora and fauna in the Western Cape, and matters such as littering, deforestation, global warming and climate change. 

We hope to build conservation activists that will ensure future generations of cyclists will still have the opportunity to ride the same trails.


We can build and fix MTBs because we learnt the skills

Mountain biking provides a platform to teach multitude of skills such as bike repairs and bike building. Not only does this give beneficiaries the confidence to be able to ride their bike, knowing that they are able to handle everything that the environment can throw at them, but offers additional skills that can be developed into a career path or job opportunity.

Pedal Project helps their beneficiaries build a sense of confidence could be applied in any sector.

“Complex by design, simple by nature, a bike is nothing more than circle turning circles. It's the human motor that makes it eloquent.” - Life Cycles (2010)

Interested in supporting our programme to use bikes to provide mental support